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Director's Greeting

Welcome to the website of MPhil in Advanced Technologies in Informatics and Computers of the Computer Science Department of I.H.U. The field of technology is experiencing its 4th revolution (Industry 4.0), according to the latest technological developments recorded worldwide. In such an environment people, machines, devices, robots and all kinds of cyber-physical systems interact through the internet and/or applications, with the ultimate goal of more efficient completion of human activities (professional work, entertainment, education, etc.).

A key point in achieving the aforementioned goal is the use of advanced IT and computer technologies, which are the subject of this program.

The need to train specialized scientific personel in the above cutting-edge technologies is a priority of the program, to strengthen the labor force of the region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace and innovative entrepreneurship. The Master's Degree "Advanced Information Technology and Computers" is of a research nature, since postgraduate students acquire specialization through the selection of appropriate courses from a pool of courses and the preparation of a research postgraduate diploma thesis for two semesters.

The aim of teaching of the courses is the acquisition of knowledge and the development of research skills of postgraduate students, regarding a specialized field of information science and computers.

We aim for this PSP to be the springboard of development for each of our graduates in the academic or professional arena by providing them with the opportunity to redefine their visions and get closer to them.

I wish you the best of luck and hope that your studies in the program will be enjoyable and constructive on a personal and professional level.

The Director

Professor George A. Papakostas