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Attending Classes

All Courses require the close cooperation of postgraduate students with the lecturer and require their uninterrupted presence as much as possible. The student's presence is mandatory for all academic obligations of each course.

A student who is absent from a Course for more than two lectures fails that course and cannot appear for the exam. Additional absences may be considered justified and the completion of the course may be allowed, provided that the student's well-documented application is submitted to the Cordination Comittee (CC) and deemed positive. However, the total number of absences cannot in any case exceed half of the total number of lectures completed.

Attendance at the Scientific Seminar is mandatory or optional for students enrolled in the PSP and is defined by the lecturer who is responsible for its organization, for drawing up the program of the speakers, and for the academic obligations of the enrolled students, as well as the assessment of them. In any case, the consent of the CC is required. The seminar program should be submitted to the CC one month before the start of the PSP.

It is possible to follow the lectures by a maximum of 35% remotely.