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The Technological Educational Institution of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace (TEI EMT) participates in the international Wi-Fi roaming service eduroam which is supported by the National Research and Technology Network. Educational institutions and organizations from all over the world participate in the eduroam service.

Every member of TEI EMT (such as teaching staff, administrative or technical staff, and students) can visit any other institution -which also participates in eduroam- and connect to the internet using the personal identification information assigned to them by the IT department of TEI EMT. In a similar way staff members or students from other institutions – participating in eduroam – can visit our institution and connect to the Internet using the login details assigned to them by their respective institution. It goes without saying that every member of TEI EMT can use the eduroam network within the institution as well, therefore we have better wireless network coverage.

Login process

  1. We open the page https://cat.eduroam.org.
  2. We select "Download the eduroam installation package".
  3. From the list of institutions that appears, select "Technological Educational Institution of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace" and download the installation package.
  4. After installation, open the eduroam Cat application and enter the login details. The name of the user account must have the suffix @teiemt.gr. e.g. nick@teiemt.gr.
  5. Android devices (maybe other mobile devices as well) must have the screen lock enabled to successfully log in to eduroam.


  • We apply the connection process for each device we want to connect to eduroam.
  • It is possible that some antiviruses will consider the installation package as malware. In this case we need to configure the antivirus appropriately to allow the installation package to run.
  • Each device to be able to download the installation package must first be connected to the internet with a network other than eduroam.
  • When installing on android devices, the option to install from Google Play will appear, which we choose.